Rich Media Content Is King

If content is king, it should be rich media content we are referring to.

rich media


By rich media or multimedia content I mean content forms that have a combination of text, audio, still images, animation, video or interactivity. Anything that is not text-only content.

Here are my top picks so far:

Interactive Content

This form of content is displaying information or data visually. Examples include interactive infographics, scrolling parallax pages and digital quizzes. It is also known as a sticky content because it is easily enjoyed and digested and shared.

Video-Based Content

Solving problems or educating your target audience online through video can be effective content marketing. Consider experimenting with viral-style short form video content like Viddy, Klip or Mobli. It lets you create anything from 6 seconds up to 1 minute videos containing clips, photos with sound or no-sound.

Mixed-Media Posts

Mixed-media posts use a variety of media with the intent to solve problems and/or entertain. Innovative examples include combining Rebelmouse (live social feeds) and Storify (storytelling) to develop a live, socially interactive and story-based content.


Roughly 30 percent of your customers are auditory learners and will process and keep information easier through sound. It forms an intimate relationship, shows expertise and is a way to build brand equity across multiple devices.


This is an electronic version of a book composed in or converted to digital format for display on a desktop or a mobile device. An ebook requires deep content of 15,000 words or more. If done correctly, your ebook will be so useful that it will get cited or referenced by other books written on your topic.

Cheat Sheets

A cheat sheet is somewhere between an infographic and a guide. This format is especially useful if your problem is process based and the required content to solve the problem is specific and brief.


This is a self-contained piece of software designed to solve a specific problem for the user. Bear that in mind when integrating apps to support your marketing campaigns such as events or loyalty programmes. Build only apps that take advantage of mobile functionalities and are interactive.

Build in-depth, intuitive content that provides engaging and ‘richer’ user experience. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Leave your comment with your thoughts on rich media content forms.