Are you the lucky one and your customers trust you? For others, there is a lot more to play for in the New Year. Here we are tackling how to build customer trust with content marketing.

Be authentic

Start your New Year amazingly by using new features and functionalities when it comes to creating content, publishing, or delivery.

Use new live streaming channels, platforms like Periscope, Facebook and YouTube’s 360-degree videos or Pinterest’s Rich Pins.

Try to use more rich media content or go interactive, and you will be unique with your content.

Also, research competitors and create value and offers that your competition or no one can match.

Be transparent

Show the human side of your business and let your audience see the people behind your brand. Empower your employees to be brand ambassadors, and you’re more likely to build trust.

Be customer-centric

To begin with, you can use social media channels, forums and websites such as Reddit or Quora to interact with your target user base, often on a one-to-one basis. These platforms are useful for customers or potential customers, to voice their opinions, ask queries, and share reviews.

For instance, take the case of TripAdvisor. They are dedicated to reviews and questions posted by end-users. This approach adds to their reputation and earns customer trust.

Be credible

At the heart of it, is to establish yourself as an expert. Start by giving away free value before you present your audience with an offer for your paid solution. Offer a free report, educational video, or content library, and gather feedback from your audience on that content before you make your next move.

The best way to earn trust is to provide proof and use real examples of customers you have helped. Through storytelling engage your audience’s imagination of how their lives will change with your solution.

It usually goes without saying that your content should be flawless – check grammar, spelling, usage, and scannability. Make sure to source your statistics and that the source is credible.

Pursue influencers who are recognised and respected as thought leaders in their field. Go on and co-create content with them and boost your credibility.

Be relevant

Take time to learn about your audience; listen to them and ask questions. Then go and create content that provides the best answer to their needs. Make your content timely by offering insight on an issue that’s pressing right NOW. That way you can start building lasting relationships with your audience.

Be consistent 

Be consistent with your brand voice. If your messaging sounds or feels different across pieces of content, it’s harder for your audience to build trust.

Be consistent with scheduling and distribution across different channels. When you consistently deliver content, each post boosts your reputation.

Please comment. Which principles content marketers can explore to build customer trust in the New Year (and in years to come)?