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Becoming AI native marketer
artificial intelligence
Slavica_ JD

Becoming AI Native Marketer

By 2023 businesses are expected to be spending over £87 billion on AI platforms*. This will require organisation-wide adoption of AI and necessitate that marketing roles become AI tech-based.

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virtual events first and foremost in b2b marketing via MarketingKIK
viral marketing
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Virtual Events First and Foremost

Adding virtual components is suitable for different event formats such as international conferences, onboarding and training, webinars, product launches & demos, internal briefings as well as recruitment & careers.

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time management secrets of digital marketers
efficient digital marketers
Slavica_ JD

The Top 5 Secrets Of Time-rich And Efficient Digital Marketers

Are you finding yourself running out of time while deadlines for your campaigns are approaching fast? If yes, please read on.

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Route Planning Software
route optimisation
Slavica_ JD

Advantages of Organising Your Mobile Force Using Smart Technology

Distribution of the medical supplies has never been more important than in the current Covid-19 pandemic sparked by a coronavirus. Being able to deliver, pick up or drop off goods

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5G Network for Digital Marketers
5G network for digital marketers
Slavica_ JD

5G Network: What’s New for Digital Marketers?

5G network* is a big deal for digital marketers. Let us look at the key factors where 5G technology will impact the consumption of digital content and marketing. Fastest Ever Ad

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keyword research tools
Content Marketing
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Keyword Research Tools That Will Drive Traffic

The keyword research tools assist in the SEO, and most importantly finding the keywords that will drive more traffic.

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