5G network* is a big deal for digital marketers. Let us look at the key factors where 5G technology will impact the consumption of digital content and marketing.

Fastest Ever Ad Delivery and Data Processing
5G technology has 10 times higher download speed than 4G. This will have practical implications for marketing campaigns. It will reduce the advertisement load time, the bounce rate and so help to increase advertising click-throughs rate and the ad revenue. 

, it will help marketers to focus on delivering more interactive ads. The latest visual technologies like virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) need faster data speed5G seems to be the ideal technology to cater to the speed cravings of those visual technologies. Right now is a great time for marketers to start building new ads in VR and AR.
Faster data speed will also boost real-time customer communication
Whether it is through Chatbots or similar automated messaging interfaces the 5G will enable real–time communication between connected devices and customers. 
Optimum Speed for Mobile Video and Real-Time Streaming
Apart from video contents, live streaming video will play a bigger role in the marketing content mix thanks to the huge boost in data speed through the 5G network. As videos become more relevant to specific mobile users, they will be more engaged and interacting with brands through comments.
5G Network for Digital Marketers
5G Network for Digital Marketers
Better personalisation and location-based advertising on mobile devices 
Marketers will be able to serve more relevant, personalised advertising to mobile users. Using GPS location-based advertising, individual customers (and not customer segments) will be getting customised product offerings and invitations from brands straight to their mobiles.
As networks speed up with 5G, this will give companies opportunity to streamline mobile shopping apps which will accelerate  mobile ecommerce to the new heights. 

Digital marketers to act on real-time analytics 
With the availability of 5G marketers will focus more on using real-time analytics to gather a greater understanding of customer preferences instantaneously.


Adding more devices and gadgets to the internet will create more opportunities for marketers 
5G creates opportunity to add more devices to the online universe. This will lead to a whole new Internet of Things (smart appliances that send and receive data), where everything from fridges, toasters to  washing machines and wearables will be connected. Those smart appliances are built in mind to create opportunities for marketers to retain customers, develop customer-centric relationship and trigger loyalty as well as up- and cross-sell to its user base.

*5G is the short term for the latest and upcoming 5th generation broadband network offering high-speed mobile connectivity and networking technology and being capable to connect numerous devices to the web. The launch of 5G technology and availability largely depends on your location and your service provider.