Marketing automation made easy

generate demand

Identifying target prospects based on their demographic, firmographic data and creating engagement and brand affinity.

generate marketing qualified leads (MQLs)

Developing personalised and timely engagement resulting in buying intent.

retain and build customer loyalty

Campaigns to maximise customer value over time.

manage and measure total impact on revenue

Ensure seamless reporting offering transparency and credibility of marketing activities.

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By integrating CRM and marketing automation  you will see their true potential and benefits for sales and marketing and for delivering bottom-line results.

It will help you understand the customer buying behaviour and transform your relationship with sales. Read more to find out other benefits of integrating CRM and Marketing Automation here. 

If you are trying to decide which Marketing Automation platform is right for your business, then stop and read this post. Here we compare the most popular solutions namely HubSpot, Marketo, Pardot and Act-On. To help you understand their strengths and weaknesses, we compared their features, cost, typical company user case, and CRM integration. Continue reading to find the right B2B marketing automation software for your business here. 

As a marketing specialist, it is your role to keep your CMO happy. And yes it boils down to how sleek your operation, branding, communication and delivery is – so it is crucial that you use automation across different marketing channels as soon as technology gets standardised. Read more to find out how to automate your marketing and keep the CMO happy here. 

So you are eager to start  with account-based marketing to be more accountable for pipeline and revenue generation. Account-based marketing (ABM) is a marketing technique that encourages businesses to strengthen their relationships with the decision makers at companies that are most likely to buy from them and focuses on increasing their future lifetime value. Read more to find out what’s next for Account-Based Marketing here. 

Imagine wanting to amaze your family and friends by cooking a new dish. You would need to have the key ingredients to start. Read more to find out which are three key components for successful account-based marketing strategy here. 

Client Testimonials

Delighted to have both visually striking site and functional too. All accomplished in record time - well impressed.
Grateful for all the impact that digital and social media strategy had on raising the awareness and support for the blind - thank you!
GLRB client of MarketingKIK
Head of Digital
London Charity
The help with setting up marketing automation platform and training our team was crucial for us to be able to offer it to our customer base. Thank you for sharing your expertise.
MarketingKIK clients
Managing Director
Creative Agency