By integrating CRM and marketing automation you will see their true potential and benefits for sales and marketing and for delivering bottom-line results.

Benefits of integrating CRM and automation platform

It will help you understand the customer buying behaviour and transform your relationship with sales.  Other benefits include:

Improved marketing and sales alignment – Integrating marketing automation with a CRM eliminates a common problem of poor lead quality. At the implementation stage sales and marketing think together and identify the exact attributes that form a qualified lead. Marketing technology automates the process targeting and prioritising leads based on the scored factors, and moving them to CRM for sales follow-up at the right time.

Creates new transparency and accountability in marketing  – This bi-directional syncing offers organisation-wide transparency and accountability in marketing making it possible to tie closed deals back to the campaigns that created them. No more questions about who contributed what to the pipeline; just tangible results in both CRM and marketing automation system.

Greater insight into campaign performance – Marketing automation gives you a real-time view of exactly how your marketing campaigns are performing and tightly integrates with sales workflow.

Develop lead nurturing campaigns – You can automate the marketing-to-sales handoff, assign new incoming leads as well as existing prospects into different campaigns to build long-term relationships and make sure a stream of better qualified leads to the sales team.

Positively impact ROI –  This closed loop reporting ability allows you to attribute revenue to campaigns, track marketing spend, measure ROI and project revenue.

Adjust your strategies based on past performance – The platform allows you to make data-driven marketing decisions, to optimise and fine-tune your campaigns and approaches for better results.