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Over 10 million business users in the UK and over 300 million users *worldwide use LinkedIn.


LinkedIn for B2B Marketer
LinkedIn for B2B Marketerworldwide* use LinkedIn.

No wonder as a B2B marketer you would like to get it right and capture leads for your business based on specific professional criteria.

Here I tap into eight ways you can do this;

1. Set Up and Maintain Your Company Page:  One of the better ways to network and build a presence for you company. Showcase your best keywords to present your brand. Build your audience starting from employees, clients, partners and a wider network. Post updates and encourage sharing, comments and recommendations.

2. Build LinkedIn Group(s): Best to build groups around your products and services. That way you can update your members on best practices, share insight about product enhancements and ask members for their input. You can create surveys, offer free trials or consultations as well as invite them to webinars you are running.

3. Run Ads:  Ads can contain different components: text, image or video. It works the same way Google PPC ads work; you pay for a click-through (CPC) or cost per 1,000 impressions (CPM). You can target specific job title, job function, industries, location or company size. You can add one or more the following criteria: school, skills, gender, age or even member of groups.

4. Run Sponsored Updates:  This newer format allows your company updates (on company pages) to be served in LinkedIn members’ feeds. Besides you have the ability to exclude audiences or negative targeting.

5. Use InMail: There are different packages available and with InMail you can send emails to audience you choose  with a specific message addressing their pain points.

6. Use OpenLink to send messages to audience that opted-in. You must be a premium account holder to send direct messages.

7. Publish New Article to LinkedIn Pulse:  Publishing is available to all users. This feature can support your overall marketing goals and content strategy.

8. Close the Loop: Add the Company Follow and LinkedIn Share buttons to your website. Furthermore, consider adding  the LinkedIn Share button to your various content assets like blog posts, emails, and landing pages to extend the reach of your content to LinkedIn users.

If you use LinkedIn for lead generation, be sure to share your findings in comment.

*Source: ComScore


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