Christmas inspired me to share content marketing tools to help contact creators to attract more attention, build brand authority and win new business.

content marketing tools


May some of my selected content marketing tools below help you in creating engaging content during this festive season and beyond.

Content Curation Tools

Tools to help you screen through online content and  handpick high-quality items to share with your target audience. is a great content curating tool that lets you collect various social media elements on a chosen topic and present them all in one sleek format.

Prismatic: A free tool that taps in to your Twitter and/or Facebook network to surface stories of interest. Explore content from “friends”, topics from your own social shares, and other recommended topics. You can also search by interests, people and publishers.

EverPost: EverPost curates content based on your criteria and filters, letting you find new stories based on your pre-selected favorite topics and share it with your audience.

Content Creation Tools

Tools to help you create original content pieces

PicMonkey: PicMonkey makes resizing, color correction and retouching easy. The interface is easy to use and allows you to save images to your computer for future use. has an impressive collection of infographics for inspiration., You can select and use as base to create your own high-quality, customised infographic content pieces.

Prezi: Elegant visual presentations which you can edit and share in the cloud.

Powtoon: Powtoon is an animated content creation tool to help you make animated presentations and animated videos – great for explainer videos.

PlaceIt: PlaceIt lets you upload images of your product or website and insert them into high-quality photos.

ThingLinkThinkLink lets you create interactive images and videos for your website, photo galleries, presentations and more.

Tools For Finding Content Creators

Content marketing tools for finding and hiring content creators

Contently: Contently helps businesses find and collaborate with quality freelance writers.

ClearVoice: ClearVoice lets you source proven, authoritative content creators via their influencer search. It also enable you to organise and plan content and collaborate across your authors and content producers.

oDesk: oDesk connects talented freelancers with businesses around the globe. You can see a freelancer’s work history, portfolio, and reviews before hiring them.

Which tools do you include in your content curation, creation and syndication strategy? Share the love and insights this festive season.