Advantages for brands:

Improve your social media strategyBy syndicating content through employees’ social networks brands can raise awareness and reach the right audience.

Content is more authentic and more personalised

The value of employee advocacy is that employees add a personal, human voice. By adding their comments and expressing their views content is more authentic and more personalised.

Proactive and always on marketing: Approved content on employee advocacy platform can be shared round the clock via mobile app, web or email.

Communicate brand message more convincingly: Brands can be more convincing to their existing and potential customers if they engage their own employees. Each social media post by an employee can help further the goals of the publicity campaign. Fact: B2B buyers follow social discussions about suppliers they are considering.

Gaining insights on high performing content: You can automatically track how advocacy posts are moving through social media and being shared. This is essential to make the most of your employee advocacy programme offering not just a way to track the reach of all social media in real time, but also a way to streamline the process of sending and sharing corporate social media content.

Engage employees and improve their motivation and productivity

By analysing large amounts of shared data, you can learn about your employees and their content preferences and recommend the content that your employees  are sharing and be able to develop strategic content targeting.


Advantages for employees:

Develop a personal brand: When employees develop a personal brand, they learn how to speak in their own voice, and they learn how to write in a way that reflects their own values and tastes.

Become thought leader: Thought leadership involves developing subject-matter experts among your employees who write regularly about news and trends in your industry, and who develop an authoritative voice in the process.

Receive incentives for participation: Employees tend to be more motivated to participate when they’re promised a tangible reward, including praise, awards and prizes. You can strengthen your advocacy programme by using a leaderboard to let employees see how they stack up in their social media advocacy involvement – and to fuel a spirit of competition.

Employee amplification through social media gives brand an opportunity to be promoted by the people who are most interested in its promotion. Everytime an employee becomes a brand ambassador, your brand gains a trustworthy voice in the social media sphere.

It is a win-win for both brands and employees – do you agree?