Companies integrating virtual events in their events marketing strategy will lead ahead of the rest in the current climate with pandemic still going on.

Adding virtual components is suitable for different event formats such as international conferences, onboarding and training, webinars, product launches & demos, internal briefings as well as recruitment & careers.

  • Interactive – Virtual event can contain highly interactive networking areas including live Q&A sessions, collaborative digital spaces such as intimate one-to-one lounges or one-to-many discussions, product demonstrations, exhibition stands as well as virtual event halls. Attendees can have a bespoke experience with easy search by break out space, hall or each individual booth area.
  • Collaborative and networking – Events either in-person or virtual are all about networking. Advantage of virtual events is that they are even more so; easy communication with other attendees in break out spaces & seminar rooms; with presenters and booth staff via instant messaging, live video/audio chat, discussion walls, internal messages or personal social media wall.
  • Integrated – Virtual events and sessions can be integrated into current in-person events providing a level of additional value for an organisation. Various content forms can be incorporated in the virtual auditorium including pre-recorded webcasts, YouTube and other video content, audio presentations which are relevant and help maximise event effectiveness.
  • Resourceful – Virtual event platforms allow for any content to be created in the resource centre for an easy access and download for both rich media as well as live presentations, press and other content from the booth.
  • Accessible – Provided you are using a good virtual platform, your event would be easily accessible on all: desktop, tablets and mobile devices.
  • Customisable – Virtual booth areas and halls can be turned off or on depending on demand with the ability to enhance its content and offering in real time. The event organiser can make the necessary amends controlling the admin interface.
  • Insightful – Real advantage for the organiser are the reporting and analytics capabilities available on the backend of the virtual platform; from attendees registered vs attended – their engagement and feedback – to content download, live chat conversations. All this more detailed and sophisticated than the post-event feedback from the in-person events.
  • On budget – Removing the expenditure required to deliver in-person event, also cost of travel, allows you to focus on delivering the right content to the right audience and building on your brand.

With the right digital platform it is possible to expand the reach of your event as well as save time and money while delivering better value and experience to your attendees.

If you have project managed virtual, face-to-face or hybrid event  (a combination of those two), we would like to hear from you. Please share your experience in comment box. Thank you.