Retargeting: What Can It Do For Your B2B Marketing

Retargeting can work well for B2B marketers. It is not only for ecommerce marketers to re-engage visitors who abandoned a shopping basket or browsed some product pages and left.

Retargeting for B2B Marketers
Retargeting for B2B Marketing

Here are key benefits of retargeting:

  • Retargeting helps to create brand awareness and engagement through repeated exposure: If we take into account that only 2-3% of web traffic to B2B companies convert on its first visit, then retargeting is a tool to reach the remaining 97-98%.
  • Drive more conversions with retargeting: Through website retargeting, you can serve display ads to people who have visited your website before, and customise your ad creative based on their online interests to drive them back to your website to convert.
  • Retargeting valuable contacts  who you have already captured in your CRM or marketing automation: Incorporate CRM Retargeting to get your brand and offers  in front of your existing contacts to remind to take the additional steps.
  • Upsell to existing clients: You can advertise to existing clients, be sure to do so in a way that adds value and make sure you offer them what they don’t have. One prime example is freemium products. Extolling the virtues of your paid product to your free users (via retargeting) can help increase upsells.
  • A smart addition to your lead generation campaigns:  Retargeting can help you stay in touch with your qualified leads, especially retargeting people  who bounce from lead gen forms or landing pages. It will help you be in your prospects mind while they evaluate the competition.
  • An addition to your lead nurturing campaigns: With nurture campaigns, it is simple to create an email retargeting campaign to accompany it. All you need to do is add a retargeting code into the HTML or signature of your emails, and everyone who opens an email will begin to see your ads on the web.

I’ve experienced it myself many times on Facebook. Couple of weeks ago I’ve extracted some reports from SEMRush but have left without signing up for their product. I now see their ad every time I log in on Facebook.

I think that’ll do for now. If  you can think of more benefits, please leave a comment.