Marketing Automation and Integration with other Platforms

Marketing Automation platforms should integrate and consolidate to enable real-time analytics from data sources including; social and mobile, CRM, web, events, content marketing and ERP systems and produce dashboards to measure content engagement and deliver content that customer want. Marketing Resource Management (MRM) such as financial management, budgeting, scheduling and workflow approvals should be included as well to improve marketing operational efficiency.

The Magic Trio (Mobile + Social + Video) 

The three digital phenomena – mobile, social, video – will create the biggest trend, that of “visual sharing”. With Facebook’s introduction of video on Instagram  and platforms such as , videos are becoming cheaper to produce  and brands will increasingly use videos as a go-to tactic to engage with their audience moving forward.

Search Personalisation and SEO

With Google’s release of Hummingbird and Google Authorship it becomes clear how conversation and social signals are important to determine personalised search experience, credibility and authenticity of content. Thus, more brands will include content as key part when creating their digital marketing strategies.




Importance of LinkedIn for B2B Marketers

LinkedIn is the number one social networking site for professionals with 240 million users. With the launch of its Influencers Program, LinkedIn is positioning itself as not only another networking site, but as one of the largest sources of content creation for professionals.

Brands Engagement with Advocates and Influencers

Brands are set to continue testing countless ways of maximising the potential of their advocates and exploring ways to build a network of influencers. By doing so, not only brands will benefit from positive word of mouth, but the power of ideas that influencers can generate.

Real-time Marketing

Marketers will increasingly turn to real-time strategies to spark timely conversations around different events and engage users to share, like or comment.

More brands will follow Amazon and their kindle fire technology offering live on-screen video customer support 24 hours a day.

What are yours B2B digital marketing trends for this year?  I can’t wait to hear it. Share your thoughts in comment.