Instagram has over 300 million active users and an average of 70 million photos posted per day*. With user interaction with brands 400% higher than on Facebook and Twitter*, Instagram is where brands can engage their target audience most

instagram for b2b brands

Here are eight proven hacks to meet Instagram’s potential for brands to its fullest.

Integrate the contacts from your other channels to build your Instagram following from the outset

Use Instagram’s ‘Follow All Contacts‘ feature to start building your followers from scratch. To do that you will need to export your customer contact info and import the list into your gmail account.

Use 5+ hashtags per post or comment

By many we mean from five to 11 hashtags per post. Research and choose tags that are relevant to your business: Then start commenting and liking photos with your target hashtags to get noticed by potential customers. Use trending hashtags in your own posts for better outreach. Also, take part in #sfs and #s4s (shout out for shout out activities to gain new followers).

Combine hashtagged photos to drive inbound links

Categorise your photos and videos using relevant hashtags: Include a link in your company profile and use that link to drive traffic to the website or your current promotion.

Post 3+ time a day

Keep a steady schedule of posting and commenting. There is no drop-off in engagement for posting more. You can post three to five posts daily. Be sure to include instagram stories to engage existing and gain new instagram followers.

Go behind-the-scenes to capture and share a secret glimpse into the  the human side of your brand

That could mean cutting through the marketing noise and traditional images and capture real moments with people that make it happen and work in background.

Comment, like and show interest in what your followers are doing

Instagram is a network where connections, comments and mutual engagement matter a lot. Inspire participation and engagement by accepting your followers/fans submissions and photos and feature them in your account.

Offer giveaways to gain new followers

As a brand you gain followers through the entries. Also find  influencers and work with them to post your photos on their accounts for their followers to see. That way you can gain new followers. 

Embed live Instagram feeds within your email marketing

By embedding Instagram live feeds in your email campaign you can make email more engaging as well as amplifying the impact of both, driving brand awareness and the ROI.

Instagram, like any other marketing channel, when done as part of the marketing mix with the clear role, does bring rewards.

Good luck with your Instagram, please comment and share your experiences and strategies below.

*Source: Instagram/press