Are you finding yourself running out of time while deadlines for your campaigns are approaching fast? If yes, please read on. You know that launching the right campaign on time is the difference between adding revenue, and missing out.

We hope that by implementing the top five secrets of time-rich and efficient digital marketers, you will not only finish your tasks ahead of time but also gain some spare time for your personal and professional growth.

time management secrets of digital marketers
The Top Five Secrets Of Time-rich And Efficient Digital Marketers

Secret #1: Streamline your daily tasks

One of the best ways to streamline your daily routine is by assessing how much time we spend on each activity throughout the day. Experimenting with different schedules and tracking your activities- for at least one week – can help you to see how much time you are spending on tasks.

Tools like time tracker by ClickTime or an app like TimeMyLife can help you with it. Once you done this, try to think of ways how to reduce time spent on tasks and how you’d use that spare time to focus your energy on things that will yield results.

If you are managing teams and calculating their wages, use and find out more about timesheet rounding by reading this article here.

Secret #2: Prioritise 

As mentioned above,  it’s about how you’ll spend the time you saved on things that are important. Prioritise by selecting the right things that are critical to your success and scheduling time to execute them.

Secret #3: Leverage the right tools

When it comes to saving time and improving efficiency of your efforts, technology can be invaluable to digital marketers. You should focus on using the right tools for the right tasks.
For example, have a look at the marketing automation tools we covered in one of our previous posts. Marketing automation software helps automate tasks such as email sending, nurture campaigns and other continuous tasks.
Try to automate digital advertising and mobile marketing. Every touchpoint on that journey through the marketing funnel can be automated too. What’s more, automation offers a lot of flexibility, which means you can choose which tasks to automate, so you don’t have to do them yourself.
Research and use different martech tools and explore AI-tech as well. With the right tools it is possible to expand the reach of your campaign as well as save time and money while delivering better value and experience to your customers.

Secret #4: Delegate and involve your experts

Know your team and their expertise; involve them and ask them to contribute. This will save time and make your campaign more effective and efficient.

Be sure to be transparent and be ready to share your campaign progress with your team, CMO and other senior management at any given time.

Secret #5: Analyse results, track success and cut the campaigns that aren’t working

As digital marketer, you should always be evaluating your various online campaigns and activities. Use insights to pause or stop campaigns that aren’t working, and use that spare time to generate new ideas and re-launch your campaigns. Machine Learning (MI) can be used to find patterns and understand trends in large volume of data to gain meaningful insights.

If you are looking into new ideas on how to generate awareness and leads for your business, consider starting a referral programme. For more time saving tips to help you launch your referral programmes, please read The Mega List of 50 Referral Software Solutions That Will Grow Your Word-of-Mouth Marketing by GrowSurf.

Or, if you have any more time saving and efficiency enhancing secrets for digital marketers, please share them in the replay box below.

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