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Becoming AI native marketer

Becoming AI Native Marketer

By 2023 businesses are expected to be spending over £87 billion on AI platforms*. This will require organisation-wide adoption of AI and necessitate that marketing roles become AI tech-based.

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virtual events first and foremost in b2b marketing via MarketingKIK

Virtual Events First and Foremost

Adding virtual components is suitable for different event formats such as international conferences, onboarding and training, webinars, product launches & demos, internal briefings as well as recruitment & careers.

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time management secrets of digital marketers

The Top Five Secrets Of Time-rich And Efficient Digital Marketers

Are you finding yourself running out of time while deadlines for your campaigns are approaching fast? If yes, please read on.

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Route Planning Software

Advantages of Organising Your Mobile Force Using Smart Technology

Distribution of the medical supplies has never been more important than in the current Covid-19 pandemic sparked by a coronavirus. Being able to deliver, pick

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5G Network for Digital Marketers

5G Network: What’s New for Digital Marketers?

5G network* is a big deal for digital marketers. Let us look at the key factors where 5G technology will impact the consumption of digital content

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Six Signs that You Need AI Tech in Your Growth Marketing

AI tech (Artificial intelligence technology) is reshaping marketing by helping brands to enhance every step of the customer journey. We have compiled an infographic of AI tools exploring signs that you need AI tech. This covers signs from content curation and predictive analytics to customer relationship and churn.

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