Distribution of the medical supplies has never been more important than in the current Covid-19 pandemic sparked by a coronavirus. Being able to deliver, pick up or drop off goods or medical supplies and to do it on time is an absolute lifesaver.

During these tough times we have smart technology called route optimisation software to ensure the smooth delivery operations.

Route Optimization software enables you to determine the most cost-efficient route. It includes all relevant factors such as the number and location of all the required stops on the route.

Here we look at the route optimisation software and the key advantages it has for mobile force out there, especially drivers.

Smart technology using route optimisation software
Smart technology using route optimisation software
Maximise Efficiency by Saving Time, Resources and Cost
Using route optimisation software you can determine best routes; fulfil more orders and get to more addresses with fewer resources.
Manage Driver’s Time and Vehicle Capacity to the Most Effect
The routes that are created using route optimisation software are optimal and fair ensuring that all the drivers work for the same amount of time. It allows you to manage different restrictions such as your team’s workload (e.g. allowed working hours) or vehicle (e.g. load capacity or refrigeration).
Customise Routes In Real-Time
Route optimisation software makes it simple to edit and make last minute changes. It produces the new routes and sends it to the drivers.
Route Planning Software
Keep Everyone Updated via Mobile App
Mobile app has all updates and status of each order visible for the driver. It allows notifications for the customer enabling excellent customer service.
Handle Multi-stop Deliveries of Any Combination
Whether your business needs multi-stop delivery, pick up or drop offs of goods or passengers, route optimization software can handle it all.
You’re able to select the task type for each order, letting the software come up with the optimal way for your business to perform all these tasks.
Plan Long-term
With route optimization software you can plan up to 5 weeks in advance, while still allowing planners to specify details like days of the week, date and time ranges for orders.
Identify Positive Trends with Performance Analytics
Route optimisation software also lets you analyze many aspects of your team’s performance. You are able to identify positive trends, or problems – putting you in a better position to address them.
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